Questions About Our Digital Marketing Services

We cover all aspects of online marketing, ie; SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Image and Video creation.

We understand that without metrics you cannot know if your campaign is working or not. Although we do provide results data to our clients, what we are really concerned about is that our campaigns bring in valuable leads to our clients, so that they can convert more customers.

We use a very specific, repeatable method. There is no guest work involved. When you fill in your questionnaire we transfer that information to your website using formulas and pre-designed methods so that we can provide a consistent result for our client.
Once your website is set up we can track incoming traffic and leads. From that information we are able to assess your results. Although having no conversions would be very unexpected, if this happened to be the case, we would refund the cost of the site creation. But please remember that this can only be ascertained after the close of 3 months. *Expenses incurred from automation tools would not be refundable, as they are provided by a third party.
We launch your website and the automation tools associated with it (if in your package), so that everything is all set up and ready to go. You will be shown how to take control of your new lead generating tools.
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