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Turn your blog posts into YouTube videos and get more eyeballs on it. We are familiar with both educational and promotional content production.

Fast Results

With our ranking techniques, you videos would typically start showing up on Page One of Google within just a couple of weeks!

Show Up More

Ranking your videos on Page One of Google will increase your website authority, and boost up your pages leading more target traffic to your website!

Higher Conversions

Improve product understanding, audience trust, engagement, while delivering clear CTAs designed to covert your specific target audience.

Zon Digital Services has provided online marketing to the following Melbourne businesses

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What's The Point Of Creating Videos That No-One Sees?

We make the most out of your videos so they become an important element of your overall online marketing campaign

If you would like to get these kinds of results from your videos, book a free call and we’ll go through what you need to do to make this happen.

What Is Video Ranking?

Your videos will typically begin showing up on Page One of Google within just a couple of weeks!

Video Ranking Explained

Video Ranking Optimization is one powerful strategy in which video content, of your brand, is optimized and promoted so as to grab the attention of advanced Google algorithms. Your videos can start appearing on first page Google SERPs within just a few weeks.

Improving Click-Through

If your videos rank on the first page of Google, they show up with a thumbnail that sticks out from the other organic listings. This not only boosts your click-through rates but also improves your business presence online, leading to more traffic and conversions.

Optimise Brand Signals

As Google's algorithms detect and display your videos on the first page, they amplify the brand signals of you and your brand—furthermore, driving a massive amount of traffic to your site due to Google also ranking your website higher thanks to the videos, and thereby sending more revenue your way directly without you paying for it.

Some Things We Do With Video

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Client's Experience With Zon Digital's Online Marketing Service

When it was time to redesign their website,Green Street Wealth decided to engage Zon Digital Services to create a Zon Digital ConversioSite.

A Zon Digital ConversioSite is designed differently to a traditional website. Rather than being created to present a business online, a conversiosite is designed to be informative to the prospect of how the business can help them, and focuses on encouraging the reader to take action. This could be filling in a form, booking a call or registering for a webinar etc.

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Website Services

Our expert team specializes in affordable web design, including landing page design, webpage design, and sales funnel design for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence.

Content Marketing

Add features to your website with custom web applications, layouts and extensions. Our expert team specializes in affordable web design and custom website design and development.

Video Marketing

We use video ranking to enhance all search rankings for business growth online to drive traffic, and boost conversion rates. Video marketing also fosters trust and simulates business growth.

Local SEO Strategies

We are able to increase your ranking within Google Maps and even further the reach of your potential expansion through a strong, well-established local online presence.

Social Media Marketing

Using content that is directly associated with the interests of your target market and more insdustry-specific, we get more eyeballs on your social media and website.

Professional Resources

Having a professional Account Manager in your corner means that you can get the best advice on how to make the most out of your leads and increase your profits.

how it works

The Easy Way To Get tons of QUALIFIED TRAFFIC Flooding To Your Website


Book a FREE
questionnaire call

During this conversation, we will be able to identify your foundation weaknesses and provide you with a completed strategic plan that outlines the steps you need to take to get more closed sales.

After the call we provide you with a copy of the strategy. You will have the choice to move ahead yourself or have us implement the campaign for you.


We get to work

Following the plan, we start the process and begin implementing the strategy that has been created during the call in step 1.

You will have personal contact with your own Account Manager who will provide regular reports showing you the progress that is being achieved.
Watch our process multiply


Watch your leads funnel explode as your traffic multiplies!

You will start to see an upsurge in the number of leads that convert from the traffic coming into your site.

Your new leads will move through our automated system and be nurtured through to becoming paying customers or clients.

More About What You Get From US!

The Faces Of Zon Digital

With a dedicated specialist for your SEO and content marketing, as well as our own Social Media Expert
...we've got you covered.
faces of zon digital Jblue
Eva Zonnios SEO & Content Specialist
Louk Zonnios Social Media & Video Marketing Expert

Mother & Son team! Working Together To Help Your Business Succeed!

Zon Digital was founded by Eva Zonnio in 2017. Already having had a strong grounding in content marketing, Eva is an award-winning online marketing based in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Louk, a former engineer has already been a traiblazer in social media, creating a following of over 6K Instagram followers with only 14 posts!

This combination of Louk’s ability to build up a Social Media online presence, and Eva’s skills in Content marketing are the ideal dynamics required to bring the kind of attention to your business that gets quality leads heading to your site.

Our unique strategies have led to our many industry awards and success stories for our clients. We look forward to applying these award-winning strategies to your business so that you can enjoy the success that it can bring you!

Are we a good fit?

... You decide.

  • We use a repeatable, proven method so that there is no guesswork.
  • We can build automation built into your campaign.
  • 10+ years of experience in various online marketing methods.
  • Genuine advice to help you progress in your business.
  • Add-on services like video, content and coaching.
  • Customer Service Manager to help you with queries and concerns.
  • Australia-wide company.
  • Media connections

What our customers say about us

Michelle Marett - Remodelling Designer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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I am so glad I found Eva, she has set up my website, made over my Facebook page and within a couple of days I could see the increased traffic.
Dameon Runnels - Media1 (US)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Read More
Zon Digital Services is a great marketing agency. Eva is very knowledgable in marketing and SEO. I would recommend this business to anyone looking to grow their online presence and get more customers.
Hall Read - Software Designer⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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I had the pleasure of working with Eva. I'm so impressed by her professionalism and timely responses. She also gave me good tips about what my profile pictures should like and I'd definitely work with her again!
David Alexander - Pool Inspector Near Me⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Read More
I had a very positive experience working with Zon Digital? I found Eva to be friendly, knowledge and always proactive in getting the job done and keep in touch on the process of the brief. I would highly recommend Zon Digital, the job was done as required, on time, to budget and Eva went over and above to help me.
Jack McMahon - Final Cut Videography⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Read More
I have worked with Eva on multiple projects now and it has always been a positive experience. She is very knowledgeable on social media marketing and is great at website content writing.
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