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Why, What & How

Zon Digital Services is offering to create a strategic set of posts for your Facebook business Page for 7 consecutive days.  

As a marketing company, we understand the importance of having great reviews so to get things off to a flying start, we are willing to prove our business products and skills to you by doing the work for you for free, for 7 days. 

In that time we will create your Facebook posts and send you the content (images, text, videos) that you get to use obligation-free for your own Facebook business Page.

Customised For Your Business

Your set of Facebook posts are custom-created for your business and will all be individually produced. 

The posts that are added to your Page have a specific purpose behind them. Although they may not jump out at you as being part of a strategic campaign they are designed to create engagement, extend your current audience, and develop an audience that will be more receptive when you do present an offer to them. 

The intelligent marketing process applied here has a better likelihood of achieving positive results due to the different stages of posting throughout the campaign. With this strategy, you end up with a warm audience which means that when you do present your offer to them, they will be more receptive.

How Do I Get My 7-Days Of Free Facebook Posts?

It’s easy, just fill in the form at the top of this page and we will contact you via email to get things started. 

Plus we will send you a PDF that explains the complete break-down of how this process works and how it will get you more new customers coming into your business.

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