A Pixel Is Worth A Thousand Words

This little mite of technology called a Facebook Pixel has the power to transform a mediocre ad campaign into an explosion of business opportunities.

Pixel Remarketing

Let’s look at what is does before we consider putting it into action. A Facebook Pixel is essentially a small piece of code that is used to capture information of a person who is visiting a site that has a pixel installed.

This information creates this basis of information that we would need to ‘re-market’, which is essentially re-visit, people who have visited our website. Now you may think that someone who has visited your website and left soon after is not really someone that you could consider as a warm lead.

You would be wrong. Consider an industry like hardware DIY for example. Now think about how many online sites there would be for hardware stores for somebody to click on if they were browsing online. Now because a visior did click on your link, (for whatever reason) there would have been something either in the copy or in the images that resonated with them enough for them to think ‘maybe’ this is the site for me.

Bring Them Back

But we all know how distracting the online world is. You may be reading through information on one page and still be wondering what was on the other page that you didn’t click on. So we hit the back button and check out the next options.

That’s fine. It doesn’t mean that they are not interested. It just means that they are still considering their options so they need a little more evidence to help convince them that your services would be a good solution for them.

That’s where the pixel comes in. Because we now have their information on our pixel, (simply through them clicking on our pages that have a pixel installed) we can now set up our Facebook retargeting campaign that will have you ‘follow-up’ ads popping up into their Facebook feed. This way we get a second, third and future opportunities to share more targeted information with them in regards to contacting us and how we can help them. Plus we can also use these ads to link them to sign-ups, phone calls or any other Call To Action features you may wish to add.

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