Adapting To Our New Business Landscape.

Business practices have changed over time to adapt to the progression and innovations in their relative industries. 

In the graphic arts field alone, there have been major changes in the way people entered the field. This industry used to be very much a hands-on field where people who were more involved in arts would be the perfect candidates. Now, people who are more technologically-inclined and software literate rule the field.

Nevertheless, their skills still have to combine with a strong dose of creativity otherwise they would not be able to achieve their results. In fact, in complete contrast to the previous generation of graphic artists, the new age graphic artist is very much a computer geek, either using state-of-the-art software or creating them.  

Of course this is not the only business sector where technology has revised an industry. Every field of business can make a similar claim to the updating of the technology that they use as part of their everyday functioning. Doctors, Photographers, Accountants, Construction workers, Engineers and everyone else across the board now has as much tech involvement as the next person.

Although there is nothing new in this, I have something to say that brings it all this into a new realm. In fact, you might even say a new way of working and thinking.


Let’s leave the business sector aside for a moment. Let’s take a look at animals and how they have survived. The only way that many species have withstood the test of time is by being able to evolve and adapt to their changing environment. Those that were not able to do so have been wiped out simply through not having been successful in their conforming to the changes that needed to happen in order for their survival.

For those of you sitting quietly and patiently waiting for our current COVID situation to die down so that we can return to normal and pick up where we left off, I have news for you. This will be the new normal for a long time yet and even when everything returns to the original normal, it will not be the same as it was before.

Am I saying that this is the end of traditional business? No, not at all. But it is the end of how those businesses traditionally operated.  As much as possible, all businesses should be looking at turning their services into an online version if they have not already done so. 

Although it may not always be possible to offer our service via online delivery, we should be trying to find a way, at the very least, to keep in contact with our customers so that they do not forget about us. Besides, it is also just as possible that we could have times where industry is flowing in a healthy way again and we can walk into a store again without fear of the dreaded bug but, if we are set up correctly and the plug suddenly gets pulled on us again, we can just click over to our online service systems and be quick about letting our customers know about it.

I am not being overdramatic when I say that this is a sink or swim time for every business out there.

Take your business online

Whatever field you operate in there has to be an element of online service and there should definitely be a healthy online presence for your business. 

That is as much a fact of life as tax and death. So you don’t have to like it – you don’t even have to know how to do it, (you can outsource the nitty-gritties),  but you do have to accept it if you don’t want your business to run out of running ground.

There will now be a new normal forevermore.  So get to work and sort out how your business is going to survive this industrial revolution.

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