Begin With The Result In Mind

however you start… you must start.

That is the key to having a business. It is also the key to having an empire. 

Every time you see somebody leading a big team or succeeding in their area of expertise, the reason isn’t because they are great at their craft, it is because they decided to start a business venture and put the steps in place to begin to move forward with it.

One of the most important quotes that I have heard in my life is this:

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. 

Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. 

Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. 

Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts.

Calvin Coolidge

As far back as my first career space, I had this printed up and placed on my wall by my desk. Later I had it up on my wall in my office at home. And now I have it ingrained in my brain.

Persistence is the key element, but you cannot even be persistent without starting because you do not yet have anything to be persistent with. So start the motion. Press Play, and begin.

A hundred things may be in your mind of what you could do or what ideas you want to follow. That may feel good, but it is also to your detriment. Remember that you cannot go forward until you choose one road to move forward on. There will be time for those other ideas once you have got the first one up and running.

Security Will Buy You The Time And Finances That You Will Need

By getting that first business flow happening you will buy yourself the time and the finances that you require to grow and develop in your original business goals. Once things are looking stable and the original business is beginning to gain its momentum in sustaining its growth through new customers, then you can go back to your other ideas, (if you still wish to).

Most people think about beginning their own business when they are still in a regular job, maybe with full-time hours or perhaps in a casual position. Either way, the income produced from that job is essential to your current lifestyle and essential to you being able to start your own business. Giving it up to pursue your business dream is not an option.

You still need the security and so do the people in your life that depend on you. Plus, you will need that financial security while you get up and running. It will help you to stay balanced and not give up on your goal due to financial hardship.

Keep That Money Flow Happening

Without a steady income behind you, you could end up feeling inclined to rush things and turnout a lesser product than you would have otherwise done. As well as that, it costs money to start a business, even if you do everything yourself like I do. 

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I do my own graphics, I take many of my own photos. I write my own posts, create my own books, and edit my own videos but my business still costs me money.

When you are working in an online capacity you still need website products like hosting and plugins, as well as online admin tools. You also need CRMs for developing your customer base, photo-editing programs and paid advertising. None of these things are free, (well, sometimes the photos are if you’re lucky).

For some jobs I may even outsource areas to freelancers so that I can get things done while I go to work during the day.

Personally, I also invest in a lot of money into information products and courses with people that I regard as masters in business, like Frank Kern and Brendon Buchard to name just a couple, (although my continued learning goes much further than just than that!).

As you can see, it costs money. Without keeping a regular income coming in it would be difficult to turn that dream into a reality but there always is a way if that dream is ‘real’ to you. The best and most concrete way to make that dream ‘real’ is to start. 

By starting on your business venture, using any first baby steps that it takes, you will be turning a pipe dream into a tangible product. And right there, you will be able to look your dream in the eye and say, “There you are. Let’s get on with this.”

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