Hi, my name is Eva Zonnios. I am a professional content writer and I am here to help you with your internal and external business communications

For me, writing is an enjoyable activity, that consists of strategic processes. 

You might have a clear idea in your mind of what you want to say, but I realise that to many, trying to get those thoughts out of your head and onto the screen can be considered as an exhausting exercise.


Aside from that it might just take up too much of your time. Time that you know you should be applying to other areas of your business. And you would be absolutely right. 

In business, no one can afford to spend time on something that could be done more productively by outsourcing it.

MORE TO content creation THAN YOU THINK

If you were to ask yourself if it was really worth the money to outsource your writing, you might feel inclined to decide that you could save that money and put it to better use somewhere else along the line.

But then you might become responsible for many different professional areas like:
  • Blog Posts
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email Marketing
  • Professional Writing
  • Giveaways –  eBooks –  PDF’s:  To capture email addresses
  • VSL Scripts
  • Content For Brochures 
  • Display Products
  • Social Media Posts

How good are we at DIY when it comes to marketing

Hey, we’re all good at making stuff up… 
We’re in business after all!

You might be a painter, but when there’s a customer on the phone, you’re a salesperson.

You might be an engineer, but when there’s a leaking pipe, you’re a plumber.

You might be a website designer, but let’s face it, writing content for those web pages could be average, good or…

It could be well-researched, highly SEO focused, and engaging the reader through story. Perhaps the copy could become more expressive by adding power words that help hit the right key for your perfect avatar, (you know what an avatar is don’t you?).

What’s more it could resonate with your reader enough to get them to sign up to your newsletter so that they could learn more about how you work, and how to use content to create the perfect marketing machine.

If nothing else, having a good writer on your team will save you from the hard slog of sitting at the keyboard wondering what should be on your About Page. 

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