How To Create Your Transformational Message

Having a Transformational Message for your business is like having a magic bullet. You just say the words and you can create trust and interest in your business instantly.

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The purpose of the transformational message is to have a very clear perspective of what your business is offering to your clients.

By arriving at a point where this is abundantly clear in your own mind, you are able to answer any questions or objections with clarity because you know exactly where you are coming from and you know what you are doing, and why.

This clears any negative thoughts of selling to moving your thought process into a new space of providing help to your potential client and in being the solution for them that they are looking for.

Before creating your transformational message you should be asking yourself some questions like:

  1. What does your client need that can be achieved through using your services / products?
  2. What does it mean to you in being able to help people with your professional services?
  3. What is your method of helping your clients overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals?
  4. What are your own dreams for the professional / financial / personal, areas of your life and what would have to happen for those dreams to become a reality?
    Examples: success, pay off outstanding debts, feel admired in your children’s eyes, build future security etc.
  5. If you were to help a community through sponsorship or donations, who would it be and why?

In having these questions pre-answered in your mind, you are able to deliver your business from a much more positive space. 

Now, rather than thinking in terms of sales, you will be thinking in terms of helping someone with your skills, knowledge or products. 

If in helping them, you truly believe that their life will undergo a transformation and that the client themself, feels happy and excited about this prospect, ‘you’ are able to feel good about presenting your business to them as an option that can assist them in moving forward, and in growing professionally and personally, in their lives. 

This growth could be in any of, (or all of) the following areas:

  • Personal – Self-development
  • Financial – Business and personal life
  • Professional – Confidence in yourself and in your area of expertise
  • Mental Balance – Being able to alleviate the pressure caused by work or people.

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