How do I create my promotional products?

Every marketing advisor will tell you that you need to have a funnel. 

That means you need an email bait, a CRM, blogs, probably a video or two and maybe even a book.

That’s a lot of stuff!

If marketing is not your first language, aside from the overwhelm there is also the creation of all of these marketing essentials.


They make it sound easy

They can make the whole thing sound so obvious, but in truth there is a lot to do. I know because it is what I do. I know how to create books, PDF’s videos and Funnels like it’s second nature. In fact, I could do it with my eyes closed (but I wouldn’t sell that one to you 😄 )

There is nothing straight forward about doing things that you haven’t done before, and besides that, do you really have time to set aside from your business tasks to train yourself in creating promotional products?

IF IT is worth YOUR TIME...

If you do have an enjoyment in creating things, then you may even enjoy designing and producing these products yourself. Even so, if you would like to get through it faster and have someone at hand to guide you in the production and systems that you should use then…Please click on the button at the bottom of this page to contact us and we can save you the headaches by guiding you (or one of your employees) through the process so that you can have someone in-house that can organise your marketing for you. The time saved and the frustration avoided will be worth it.

If you prefer, you may use our production services and we can organise the details with you and then take the project off your hands and deliver you a package that has all the elements of a great marketing campaign.

If that sounds good to you, book a consulting session. Take advantage of our discounted first session to get the information that you need. Following that first session you have three options, you could choose to take the information and go it alone, have us work with you to set up a program that fits your needs or hand the whole project over to us.


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