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LinkedIn is the undisputable Social Media for business professionals. Zon Digital Services in Melbourne, Australia helps businesses get their LinkedIn profile set up to get noticed by the right people so that they can increase their online marketing presence in a professional way.

Why is it important to have a good LinkedIn profile?

Basically, if you want to make good business connections online, you need to look like a good business connection yourself. To do that you will need your LinkedIn profile to provide the best information about your work history and your abilities presenting you in your best possible light.

The difference it can make when someone lands on your profile is that people can see straight away, what you can offer in a business collaboration, and if the work you do is in line with what they are looking for. 

A good LinkedIn profile is clear and precise so that the information that you present can be consumed easily by the viewer.


Within the LinkedIn profile set up, there is now the ability to move the sections around into a format that you feel suits your needs better. Try putting your Recommendations directly under your Bio. Or maybe you want to have your Education following everything else at the end of the entire profile. 

The choice is yours. You have the ability to frame the whole profile in a way that improves the impact that you can create for your viewers.

what is the purpose of what you are trying to say?

Putting words down, isn’t effective unless those words are portraying your business in the way you want to be seen.

Begin your profile by thinking about who it is that you are trying to impress. Make sure that you let them know that you are capable of being able to deliver what you are promising by showing examples of work, certificates or recommendations. 

Remember that most of the time, people will pass by your profile briefly while they keep browsing, by using trade or technical words in your copy you are putting out bait to catch their eye.

Also think about what it is that they might want to know as the person on the ‘other side’. What would they be looking for in your copy, and what are the important things that they might want to know about you. Be sure to include all of this information in your ‘About’ section so that you can provide a good overview of your work abilities, and work history.

The main sections you would want to include would be:

What Does My LinkedIn Profile Look Like To Others?

Once you have plugged in all of your information you will want to see how others see you when they go to check your profile. 

So how can I see, what they can see?

1. Head over to your image on the top right of your LinkedIn menu bar.
See my LinkedIn profile
2. Select ‘View Profile’ from the drop-down. Your profile page will open up exactly as your visitor will see it.

If you would like Zon Digital Services to help you in creating an effective and professional LinkedIn profile, just click on the link below and book a discovery call where we can talk about your needs and how I can help you: 

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