Google Or Facebook

When it comes to advertising which one is the best one to use for your business

Even writing the title for this post created a question mind because the question is not simply be asking which platform, but which is the best one ‘for your business’.

This makes for a long headline but those extra words make all the difference. 

When you decide to advertise, these are the obvious choices that come to mind. And rightly so. Together, they account for the lion’s share in advertising. According to, Google handles an estimated 5.8 billion searches every  day, and Facebook an estimated 1.73 billion daily active users.

Those are big numbers. So if you intend to do some advertising, you really want  to get in front of those audiences. But which one will be the most beneficial for your product or service?

I’m sure that everybody will tell you that you should be advertising on Facebook. There you will be able to focus in on your target market avatar and get your ad shown to a very focused audience. 

Even so, Facebook is not the best option every time. For instance, if you wanted a plumber because your drain was blocked, would you just sit there clicking on pictures of cats until you see an ad pop up for a plumber would you?

That’s the time where you would say, “I need a plumber right now!” You would most likely (if you were like 92% of the world), go to Google and type in Plumber.

Then, like magic, a list of available plumbers would pop up on your screen for you to choose from. And, even better for those people who spend money to advertise their services, two or three ads for plumbers will precede the listings, giving those advertisers prime opportunity to be seen (and chosen), fir

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