Covid-19 in business


There is nothing usual about business so far this year. It had been a fast start to the year with a special hope in the super number 2020. But before we had even got used to writing it, we were becoming engrossed in news of the supervirus that has been holding the whole world at bay ever since.

The pressures of the changes have been devastating to many. The restrictions were hard enough socially but in a business sense, they were crushing. Before this all began no one would have been able to predict the power that this micro-organism could have on every corner of the globe. It has brought us all to our knees and shown us the vulnerability that we all harbor, but were so unaware of.

Many business people, in the middle of projects, just about to launch a campaign or at the height of their success were shattered that the timing was so bad for them. But the fact is that there never would have been a ‘good time’ for this to happen. Unfortunately, we don’t have the opportunity to make choices of whether or not things like this occur, so the best that we can do is to look at the choices we can make and take actions on those.

Here is a little list that I have compiled to help entrepreneurs and businesses get through the COVID-19 breakdown of lifestyle and business structure.


Get your routine back in shape.

Don’t start to drift. Have a proper morning, lunch-time and evening routine with specific tasks that happen at those times. Routine will help to keep your mind healthy and make you feel more in charge of your own situations.

Keep yourself in shape

It’s not just your routine you need to watch. Exercise is key in keeping yourself stable and healthy. It will also give you more protection from a health point of view. Even with the closure of gyms, you can find online exercise routines, take walks, or use home gym equipment (which you can still find online, even if your local store has been dried out).

Keep your head up high

It’s no good to just give up. For your own sake and for the sake of the people around you, this is not the time to give up on anything. It is true that you have different (or maybe less) tools to work with now and that your opportunities are not what they were before this all started. Even your goals may have changed. But it is human nature to move forward and progress. If you were an entrepreneur before this happened, you will still be an entrepreneur even now.

Be The Beacon

Everyone needs to feel that there is someone who knows what to do. Now it is time for you to be that person. Your leadership skills are what will help bring other people out of the dark and help them to realise that it is important for them to find a way to inspire themselves by being strong about their own goal-setting. Show them how it is done through example and find a way to shine brightly.

Knuckle Down

Knuckle down and get yourself set-up and ready for when this unfortunate period comes to an end. Don’t waste time. If you are stuck in an at-home confinement situation, make it count. Get some good solid preparation work done. Then, when it is time to resume a normal lifestyle, you are all set up to come out of the gates charging.

I Wish You Well – I Wish You Health

Take care during this period. Follow your government and health organisation instructions. You have to do it, for yourself, your family and friends and for the greater society as a whole.

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