What You Must Know If You Want To Get New Clients Into Your Pipeline

Being good at your job is only half the work when you are running a business. There are endless things to do, aside from the phone calls to make and emails to check.

But while you are busy doing all of those things, who is expanding your business and building your clientele?

No matter what line of business or industry you are in, there is one thing that you just have to accept (if you are going to stay in business), that is that 50% of your efforts should be in your marketing.

That’s right 50%.

If you do not apply yourself to getting new leads, your workload could dry up and leave you twiddling your thumbs while you wait for the phone to ring.


That’s not to say that you have to pay any less attention to the tasks at hand in the everyday running of your business. It simply means that a system needs to be running in the background. A seamless system. One that doesn’t require too much effort from you, or constant management.

That Sounds Like A Lead Magnet To Me

Just in case you have not heard of a lead magnet before, it is simply a piece of information, delivered online as a PDF, a video lesson, an eBook or a presentation etc.. This particular piece of information has a job to do.

It is designed with the sole purpose of collecting email addresses from people who are interested in what it is that you have to offer.

So, the important point here would be in making sure that your choice of lead magnet was relative to those people that you wish to attract to your business.

The way that this is done is quite simple. You produce something that can be of great value to your customer’s needs within your related topic. For instance, you may be a dressmaker.

Your lead magnet could be a PDF with closeup photos of textiles, so that a customer would begin to know what the differences were in their choice of fabric and which type of textile would best suit their needs.

Another example would be a website designer with a PowerPoint presentation that displayed websites set up in set colour schemes. In this case, someone who is trying to decide on the colour scheme that would work the best for their own website could see how they could coordinate different colour combinations.

Where A Good Lead Magnet Can Take You

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Lead magnets are the bread and butter of lead generation in the online marketing world. But please do not mistake that to mean that it is only of use to online marketers. Quite the contrary.

Online marketing is no longer just about marketing digital products and eBooks. Instead, it is the greatest shift in sales and commerce since the industrial revolution.

Online marketing is for everyone and anyone in business, as I briefly I touched on earlier. People who want to stay in business need to embrace this shift.

Needless to say those that do not, will struggle as times keep on-a-changing.

But let’s get back to the basics of the lead magnet theory.

If you provide something of value (in the eyes of the beholder), we might assume that you have created something that they NEED. And, if they NEED it, they will want to take it.

After all, a lead magnet is free. So why wouldn’t they?

Unfortunately, even free these days is hard work when you want them to just sign up.

Believe it or not, it’s not even easy to get people to take a week’s worth of holiday for free.

And why, you may ask.

It is because there is so much untrust online, and it’s not hard to see why.

trust in online marketing


Anyone reading this article would be able to think of an instance that they have been duped, scammed or short-changed from an online interaction. So the real hurdle here is not so much in just creating the best darn lead magnet anybody’s ever seen before…

The hard part is in gaining your audience’s trust.

Now many people think of gaining trust online as something to be done after the initial interaction of the potential customer downloading the lead magnet. By that time, you have their email address and their first name.

You can enter all of this into your CRM (customer relationship manager) system and start your email campaign.


OOPs, I think they missed something.

By going straight for the lead magnet to people who have not seen or heard of you before, you have skipped an important step.

Sure, building trust is something that can be done via email once you have your customer’s details, (and it is highly recommended that you do this).

Even so, do you think it would work better if somehow you were able to build that trust even before you offered the free lead magnet?

How about, we turn the tables around and help your target audience to get to know a little bit about you first. Do you think that this could help your audience to feel more familiar with your business?

Perhaps you won’t feel like such a stranger to them once they know more about your services and products, and your values.

Then, when you put your lead magnet out there for them to take you up on your offer, they will not feel so wary and are more likely to click on that link.

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