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Social Media Management

Don't get confused about what Social Media can do for your business. We create a set and forget system to perform the function of branding and audience building.

get the most out of your leads

Don't leave money on the table. By implementing our email system you can scoop up the 20% that were on the fence, as well as many others that were not at that buying stage of their journey yet.


We're ready to collect reviews from all of those past and present customers, with the majority of good reviews making it online, and the bad ones going directly to the business owner.

Digital Referal System

This is our main player. It incorporates a powerful 3-month program that incorporates a combination of online factors that produce a result of SEO, Social Media and online reputation.

Choose the perfect plan

Working from one of our packages is the best way to get consistent results because they are strategically created to deliver the results you are looking for.



If you’re not sure where to start with your marketing we suggest the content pack.
Create a positive direction for your business to grow and expand.



For business owners ready to invest in the growth of their business.  Don’t leave anything to chance, be in charge of the outcome.



Powerful combination of tools and services delivered via our specialist entrepreneurial team.
Get a full business strategy to develop your business into a strong competitor that has power in your industry.

Frequently asked questions

Our reviews program is set to encourage unhappy customers to send a message directly to the business owner, resulting in less negative reviews showing up online and more positive reviews hitting the ratings lists.

This also gives that business owner a great opportunity to see what some customers may be unhappy about.

Did you know that 85% of people check reviews before making high-ticket purchases.

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Our service prices are not displayed because many people do not understand the kind of results that they would be able to expect from these services. Without hearing what value  we can bring to our clients, the prices are meaningless.

To find out more about our services and packages, book a call and someone from our team will contact you back.

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The Strength service is something that incorporates the powerful elements from our other services to provide the complete package with on and off page SEO,  being visible online, building a strong Brand presence and online reputation.

As well as that, our Strength service is the only service that incorporates lead generation systems.

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We certainly do. We have many customers who come to us to only get their website content upgraded. Some people just need the Social Media posting taken care of. We love to help our customers succeed, no matter where they are in their journey.

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Email Marketing a prime product and is in a separate category to the other products shown.

Email Marketing is the most important part of the system but it enters into the picture after the front-door packages.

20% of the people you reach through advertising will not buy now, but they will be ready to buy later. By keeping in touch with them via email, you will be available and relevant when that time comes.

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Workflow Optimization is a cross platform message optimization app for all devices. Contact Us

What Our Clients say

"I am so glad I found Eva, she has set up my website, made over my Facebook page and within a couple of days I could see the increased traffic. "
Michelle Marett
Remodelling Designer
"I had the pleasure of working with Eva to revamp LinkedIn profile and I'm so impressed by her professionalism and timely responses.She also gave me good tips about what my LinkedIn pictures should like and I'd definitely work with her again!"
Hall Read
"Zon Digital Services is a great marketing agency. Eva is very knowledgable in marketing and SEO. I would recommend this business to anyone looking to grow their online presence and get more customers."
Dameon Runnels
"Excellent service by Eva who knows her stuff and can explain processes very clearly."
Alan Sanders


Many people who are looking at a variety of options for developing business opportunities, will tell you that email is dead.

But that is only because they don’t know the truth.

Not only is email ‘not’ dead, but it is expected to yield a 44% conversion result and an expected ROI of $1 to $44 return.

That’s not bad for something that is dead!


The thing about people who choose to use email marketing is that they are already aware of its power in marketing. But email marketing is technically quite different to other forms of marketing. For instance, Facebook ads are about presenting something to a related customer audience, meaning that its process of putting the product in front of the right audience does not work so well for professionals or people within professional industries.

Although Facebook can be used to find your leads initially, it is not a place for more personal conversations.

Email marketing is made to relate to its audience in a much more personal way.


By working within a sector of a professional industry, for instance finance, you may not feel that it is a professional look to pop up on a Facebook feed with an ad about your services when you are attempting to present yourself to industry peers. And you would be right. When you want to show your industry peers your worth, appearing on their Facebook feed probably does not promote the right look.


Somehow, these professionals need to be able to present their abilities to their relative audience…and only their relative audience.

Newsletters are the answer.

By setting up a website you can have a lead magnet applied. Here, other professionals or people who have an interest in your field would be able to supply their email address and show that they are interested in finding out more about your work.

Through regular delivery of an email newsletter you would get the opportunity to present your work and provide them with current content.

To understand the important effect that a regular newsletter can have on the amount of work that a professional can get, let’s look at the different topics that might be covered. Then we will look at the different goals that these email newsletters would be setting out to achieve, and how we would go about achieving those goals.


  • Professional developments 
  • Offers 
  • Industry headlines that specifically affect your audience
  • Your key projects 
  • Communications to professionals
  • Thoughts on the news within your industry
  • Media coverage
  • Marketing opportunities 


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