Let’s Get This Straight

I would like to explain to you just how we operate here at Zon Digital Services

But first I have a question for you…

Have you ever seen ads that promise to help you get your business on track by using their courses, or make changes to your business that will make you a millionaire by using their consulting services?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Even too good to be true perhaps? 

Hmmm…I can hear those alarm bells ringing. In fact, more than that, I can tell you exactly what is at the end of the rainbow for many people responding to those ads.

You’ll get a phone call where the person on the other end is not at all interested in trying to solve your problem – at least not until you are signed up and committed into their program. In fact their one and only objective on that call is to sign you up by convincing you that (if you do everything right) and you were to pay 17K, they would be able to make all your dreams become a reality.

The catch is, ‘If you do everything right’. If you don’t, you do not end up multiplying your business income. That’s not their fault, or their concern – but you have still spent 17K. (Ouch!)

Does that 17K include a package of Facebook and Google ads? No.

Maybe a variety of social media profiles? No.

Perhaps some tools that you can use to make your marketing more effective? No. It’s up to you to purchase what you need along the way.

And how do I know? 

I have filled in those forms. I have had the phone calls from these consulting companies that dig in the big numbers. And, I have seen first hand what they do. In fact, I’ve even taken some of the courses

Having said that, I might add that they are not all phoney. But you are left holding the reigns while you wish someone else was doing that part for you, or at least ‘with’you. So basically you get the tools, and it’s up to you from there on in.

Foolish, you may say. Yes. That is certainly true. But the good thing that has come out of it is that I know what I am competing against and that dramatically reduces my overwhelm of my competition.

Where they offer a plan and path to the expense of 17K; I offer a three-month program for 2.3K

Where they power-hammer you about the options that you can take (to get into even more debt) so that you can pay their exuberant fees; I provide you with a low-fee payment plan to help you begin creating an increased income from which you can make your payments.

Where they give you access to a membership site with 23 hours of videos that you self-navigate and take part in a single group phone call each month; I offer you a regular phone call where I directly keep in touch with you and guide you on your next move.

In my strategic marketing course,  you are never alone and I’ll be there to hand-hold you through
your entire map until you reach your goal. 

And all this with personal email access to answer your stuck-in-the-mud questions that arise between call sessions.

Now that sounds more like a service that’s worth it’s salt.

My aim is to really help people crash through those barriers that are holding them back from developing their business into a more strategically aligned process so that they can also enjoy a great lifestyle.

To do this I begin the process with a free conversation to ascertain a crystal clear message that can then be implemented into the client’s future marketing formats.

The message that I use is the Transformational Message. The Transformational Message is in itself a multi-functional tool that you can apply to conversations, introductions, and written marketing material.

To Find Out More about the Transformational Message, click here.

If you are interested in having the opportunity to work with Zon Digital Services, why not just start with our free session where we will actually help you to design your unique Transformational Message.

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