Link Wheel

Harnessing the power of the crowd

When you are trying to get your business noticed amongst the crowd of businesses it is very hard to get seen, let alone get chosen.

The trick is to become a part of the crowd so that you can mingle in and become part of a bigger picture.

Standing out there alone is tempting because you don’t want your competition too close in case you get overlooked. This problem here becomes more obvious as soon as someone types your focus keyword into a search bar on the Internet. 

Immediately you are surrounded by the red sea of competition. How then, would you ever be able to stand out above the crowd?

Get Listed 

One of the things you can do is get yourself listed amongst the many online directories. I know that this still sets you up amonst your competition once again. But the diference here is that not everyone will take the trouble to get listed. So it is up to you to make sure that you are among those that do.

The local directories themselves are already big fish and they don’t get swallowed up too easily. What you have to do is get listed with them and then you can ride on their back when their listings turn up in the bundle at the top of the search results.

There are also other ways of being part of the bigger crowd and that is through working together in your own support group, where one business promotes another two businesses and so on. By being part of this strategic wheel, you can get promoted to an audience that has interests that blend from your topic of interest to the others in your own promotion group. 

I am currently collecting interest in businesses joining my product at Zon Digital Services. It is called LinkWheel. If you would like to register your interest by being part of a support group that also supports your business, please register at 

I am not charging fees on this presentation so that I can get enough people to give it a fair shot at seeing how well it works. The biggest thing about this deal is that for you it is already a proven method.

No Fees Please

My intention here is less about taking your money and more about making sure it works well. So for the very first trial run I am going to be accepting 20 businesses.

There is nothing to loose by being part of the group of businesses who are partaking. If I get more businesses, I will take it even further.

Line up – Sign up… and be in front of your competition

What’s more for those first 20 businesses, they will become my VIP customers for the entire year and I will be sending them special gift (marketing) products and emails throughout the year.

If you want to be part of my crazy cool scheme, contact me and put ‘link wagon’ at the start of the message. Or, SMS me on 0422 496 425.

If you have a business website online, Zon Digital Services will get it ranking on page one of Google – The ONLY place you want to be.

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