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Re-Focus: Your Author-entrepreneur Success Depends On It


Having a Transformational Message helps eliminate the difficulties that author-entrepreneurs face in trying to juggle so much. In business, trying to do too much can slow you down rather than help you to be productive. This is not beneficial to your business and can slow you down dramatically, having a negative effect on the development of you sales processes.

My intention with this tutorial on creating your own customised Transformational Message is to help you see how you can re-focus your goals so that you can see a clearer, more difined path towards your ultimate goal in being in living the luxurious and stress-free life of successful author.


One major mistake that authors often make is to see each of their writing efforts as an individual work of art. If you really want to become successful as a writer, whether that is in fiction and non-fiction books, or if you intend to write in a specific area of professionalism, you really need to change your focus to that of and entrepreneur which is why I constantly refer to authors in this articles as such.

Through years of being an entrepreneur myself,  I have found that too much information tends to cause confusion in either presenting your ultimate direction or following it. And, having communicated with many other author-entrepreneurs, I can say that this is an issue that many of them do also deal with.

Due to the nature of authors in the first place (in that they find an interest in life enough to want to write about it), getting distracted is not an unusual hazard of the trade. This type of distraction is a great example of why it is so important to have a standardised Transformational Message.

So as you see, the Transformational Message is not just for your potential customers. It is also a product that helps you to stay true to your own business mission. Yet it cannot be called a Mission Statement either as they both serve different purposes (which is something that we will look at very shortly).

With such an underlying problem that many people are not even aware that they are facing, even having the extra time available can result in fruitless labour.

I totally understand this. I had also have fallen victim to this circle of hard work with no return. I had the knowledge, the skills, the qualifications… But in continuously desiring to be better in all of these areas, I spent all of my time becoming more and more… ready – But never really ever felt ready to do the doing.

It was only through looking at myself from the outside as others would see me, that I was able to view the vicious cycle that I had set my path on. Continued preparedness was not going to get me to my goal – no matter how skilled I was.

That is when I decided to use the Transformation Message. And credit where credit is due, the Transformational Message tool is something that I learnt along my journey by Ted McGrath, one of my top-rated tutors (online) that I crossed during my self-education mission.

This Transformation Message served two purposes. On the one hand it was a tool in my tool-box to assist my clients in setting their focal point. But then on the other hand, it was also a tool that I could use myself in setting clarity in my purpose and in what I truly desired.  This new magical message was the key that finally set me in a forward direction.

Now, combined with my mission is you – the client. The person whom I serve with the intention of helping you gain the same benefits with your own business goals.

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At this stage, you probably don’t know what a terrific opportunity you have just through reading this article. This tool is a key and I offer it to you freely so that you can move forward in your business and prosper through it.

It is time for you to take control and to set your future goals.

Let’s Get Started

Here are some benefits that you can achieve by taking the time to create a Transformational Message that can only lead you to your desired outcome and that is what we all want to achieve.

It is important at this stage to clearly understand what differences it will make to your business through going through the process outlined in this book.

  • Stop procrastination
  • Know your direction and final goal
  • Become re-focused on what is most important to your success
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Reach your goal in a set time-frame
  • Achieve your greater goals that your business success can help you to achieve



Through the creation of a professionally developed Transformational Message, you are arming yourself against being flippant with your discussion about your business if someone was to ask you what you do. By having completed the training in this book on how to create a strong message that can convey the essence of your product or service, you will be able to proactively put your best face on and accurately describe what your business is about how your business is a benefit to the customers that it services.

The benefits of this are two-fold. Firstly for you as the business owner, and secondly for your clientele in knowing in a very clear manner that what you offer is something that they can definitely use, or perhaps is something that would not serve them for their purpose.

Let me give you an example of a complete Transformational Message through providing the one that I use for my own business:


This is my Transformational Message

I help authors-entrepreneurs develop their sales strategy so that they can reach a wider audience and find more book sales through having a variety of channels. Through my strategic approach, I aim to help them in creating a sustainable business in writing, either as an author or in a business capacity.

By joining forces with me, I believe they will gain momentum in their   and expand their outreach, which in turn will work to establish security through the achievement of long-term sales.

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If my message does relate to as an author that would like to assistance
from my consultancy, please click here and I will contact you.

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It is important to realise that what you see in the TM above is not just formed in a higgledy-piggledy way – and that is the part that makes it so successful in its use.


Let’s take the example of the old-style mission statement.

This is generally how it goes:

  1. We need one
  2. Let’s come up with something that says what our values are
  3. Let’s make it sound good.

Hmmm, not that deep in its meaning. Not that effective in its value.


Now let us look at the difference of how a high-value
Transformational Message is created


  1. Set up a series of questions relating to the value of what the business can offer the client
  2. Work through the questions to organise what this really means in what is produce, how it is delivered, why it is important to the business owner, what it can do to enrich the life of the customer.
  3. Structure the final long version that can be used mentally and externally to express the model.
  4. Re-structure the long version to create a short concise spiel that can convey the purpose of your business in a clear non-gibberish way.
  5. Knowing the complete message deep inside your heart and mind helps you to find your own words to express what you are trying to say at any time to anyone.
  6. Have the same message to convey each time, even though it may be with completely different words.




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