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Your business success depends on it (sme)

If you are struggling to get new customers in the door, perhaps it is because you are not sending out the right message. Or maybe you are sending the right message, but it is going out to the wrong people.

That’s why accurate communication is such a significant part of your business. For a long time, the big shot of messages has been the Mission Statement. But the Mission Statement is a lifeless, stagnant piece of material. It doesn’t speak. Plus it can’t adapt to its environment and it cannot be presented with that same passion that you had in your voice when you were designing it.

the Transformational Message

In order to overcome these shortfalls, you need to look at creating your own Transformational Message, To do this you need to begin with a crystal-clear vision of where your market segment lies. If you don’t get this right you could end up cutting valuable customers out of the picture.

With the creation of your Transformational Message, you can expect to eliminate the difficulties that you face in losing sight of your goals and by creating too much diversification in your business practices as well as in your target market. This can happen very easily, especially when you are trying to increase your customer base.

Although being visible to a wider audience can be beneficial, you will find that it is more valuable to do this once you are at a highly established level. Until then, you would serve yourself better to leave the wider-segmentation marketing for later down the line.

By niching down into specific segments, you can still target that wider audience, but you will just do it, one segment at a time.

Attempting to offer too many options to too wide an audience runs you into the risk of losing focus on the main strength of what you do. This can slow down your progress rather than work in your favour and negatively affect your business growth. By re-focusing your business goals through setting up your effective Transformational Message, you will be able to see your future goal in a new clearly-defined light. This can grossly assist in the progress of your business by knowing what you need to focus on in keeping upfront in your business methodology and actions.

How A Simple Message Can Change Your Life

Through years of being an entrepreneur I have found that too much information can cause confusion in understanding the ultimate direction of your own business. Having communicated with many other entrepreneurs, I can say that this is an issue that many do experience. The simple fact of an entrepreneurial mind alone is that it is active in experimenting with opportunities. This in itself can lead you on a non-directional path.

That is why a tool such as the Transformational Message is SO important. By setting it up and referring to it, you not only state the obvious (what you do for your client), but you also state what you aim to provide in terms of what your client will enjoy through your service or product and how you feel about the enjoyment that you yourself, will feel through providing that positive experience to another human being.

The resulting effect is that through your message, you are able to remind yourself of what you are creating for your customer and why they will want (or need) it. Furthermore, it reminds YOU of why you get out of bed every morning to achieve this goal and of what the most important action is that you should take in order to make this happen.

Isn’t that more effective than a stagnant Mission Statement?

Chasing Tails

To their own detriment, many businesses have this same problem of diversified focus – finding that all it does is lead them in circles, never reaching their end goal.

I know. I have been a victim of this extreme enthusiasm that has repeatedly taken me off my original course. That is why this message is such an important part of my resources and it should be for you too.

In fact, the more capable you are, the more you need this tool to help you to stay focused on your goals.

Learning to re-focus on your goals and being specific in your mindset is the best weapon against deviating – which could also be looked at as procrastination, even though no-one likes to call it that because we are still working so hard!

Even so, continuing on this road will not take you anywhere except on a non-progressive continuous loop, which no business wants.

So what’s the answer?

Being secure in your decisions, definite in your actions and sure footed in your progress, can only lead you to your desired outcome and that is what we all want to achieve.

It is important at this stage that you clearly understand what differences it will make to your business by completing the process outlined below.

  • Stop procrastination
  • Have a clear final destination
  • Become re-focused on what is most important to your success
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Reach your goals
  • Achieve your greater goals that your business success can help you to achieve

Through the creation of a professionally developed Transformational Message, you are arming yourself against being flippant with any discussions you have about your business. In having developed and practiced your message, you can deliver the essence of your product or service proactively and put your best face on to accurately convey what your business is about and how it can benefit the individual/s that it serves.

advantage x 2

The advantages of this are two-fold. Firstly for you as the business owner being prepared in what to say. And secondly for your client in knowing very clearly, that what you offer is something that they can definitely use, or even realise that it is something that would not serve them for their purpose. Each of these sides is important for the potential client to know.

Let me give you an example of a complete Transformational Message through providing the one that I use for my own business:

Example of my own Transformational Message

I help entrepreneurs develop a message that clearly defines what their business is about. This strategy is so powerful that by becoming crystal clear on their intentions, they are able to reach a strongly-targeted audience through a variety of channels.

By using my strategic message approach, I help my clients in reaching their business and lifestyle goals.

My clients can expect to gain momentum in the effectiveness of their outreach, working towards establishing their business security and personals goals.


It is important to realise that what you see in the Transformational Message above is not just formed on-the-fly. That is what makes it so successful in its effectiveness.

This is generally how producing a Mission Statement or any style of business statement generally goes:

  1. We need one
  2. Let’s come up with something that says what our values are
  3. Let’s make it sound good.

Hmmm, not that deep in its meaning and because of that it is very likely that it is not that effective in its business value either.

Now let us look at the difference of creating a high-value Transformational Message

To create your message you need to:

  1. Answer a series of questions relating to the value of what the business can offer the client.
  2. Work through the questions to organise,
    • What is produced,
    • How it is delivered,
    • Why it is important to the business owner,
    • What it can do to enrich the life of the customer.
  3. Structure of the final long version that can be used mentally and externally to express the business model.
  4. Re-structuring of the long version to create a short concise spiel that can convey the purpose of your business in a clear non-gibberish way, simply and effectively.
  5. Standardising the final product through practice to contribute to the professionalism of your business.
  6. Knowing the complete message deep inside your heart and mind so that you can find your own words to express what you are trying to say at any time, to anyone.
  7. Having the same message conveyed each time, creating credibility to your words (even though you may use completely different words to express it).

What we are overcoming through using our transformational message

People are more sceptical in today’s consumer environment because of the amount of advertising and false claims that they face in daily life. And why wouldn’t they be? Everybody can think of an instance where they were excited about their purchase or acceptance of a service and were failed by the results.

People are willing to spend money on something that they want, and it should come as no suprise to you that they expect to get what you described to them. The interesting thing that most businesses overlook is the fact that when they write their ad copy, they want to make is seem as alluring to their potential customer as they can. They think of all the words that they can think of that can be effective in making that sale happen. But once it is written, they can easily forget what it was that they had promised. Why? Well how often would they go back to read the ad that they had produced, especially if it was working?

What they do not consider is that they had actually made promises. Promises that a real person expected to experience through the purchase of their product. You have to remember to keep those promises.

When you use a Transformational Message, you actually speak it (most of the time). You will write it where it is relavant in printed material but even then, you will adapt it to blend in with the content.

That’s why you need to be ‘absolutely’ and without a doubt, clear on what you are providing to your customer.

The difference of speaking to writing

  1. When they hear it – it becomes what they expect.
  2. There is truth in the message because it is spoken which makes it instantly more credible in the same way that in marketing, one face to face meeting is equivalent to seven or ten email messages.

Let’s Look At How To Create Our Own Transformational Message

To make your message super powerful, you need communicate your information using super-specific wording. Begin by writing the answers to the following questions to create the base of your final message.

✴ What is the service/product is that you provide?

✴ Who is it for?

✴ What change will your service/product make to your clients lives?

✴ In what way does this create fulfilment to you?

Now, you need to work through your answers and develop them into sentences that read similarly to the original example at the start of this post.

It is important to remember that you don’t need to convey ‘every’ part of the message ‘every time’ you have a conversation, but you do need to know it well. Then you can express yourself accurately when you are presenting your offer.

Some of you may feel that this kind of marketing message would only work well in the in consultancy or coaching businesses but that is not so. The Transformational Message works well in ALL areas of services and products.

Let me give you an example with a Fencing Business

If you build fences you would have the following base answers to the previous questions:

a) What is the service/product that you provide?
Answer: I build fences

b) Who it is for?
Answer:  It is for property owners and for middle-aged families – the purchaser would be the mother or father within the family

c) What change will your service/product make to your client’s lives?
Answer:  It would increase the value of their home and improve the appearance of the house itself. It could even create a safer zone for young children as well as make the outdoor area feel more enjoyable. It could really change the atmosphere of the home-life for the family because their standard of living will actually improve with all of these benefits.

d) In what way does this create fulfillment for you?
Answer:  If I really thought that I was responsible for helping a family raise their self-esteem and their standard of living just from the work I had done, I would feel proud. This will make me feel better about myself and would even raise my own self-esteem.

I hope you get the message.

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