Selling Through Your Message

Prepare your words

Through the creation of a professional message you can portray your business and what it stands for to the extent of creating a sale. By being prepared you are arming yourself against being flippant when presenting your business well if someone was to ask you what you do.

this is your message - make it count

Having your message defined in your mind helps you to be clear on what to say to your audience. This is essential in the successful marketing of your business. It is also important to understand what you should be talking about in your variety of marketing methods and that no matter where the conversation about your business starts, you need to be able to come back to the essential core message that defines what you do and who it is for.

In every marketing message you need to reinforce what your business is about, what you offer and what your products do for the development of your customer.

By development, I’m not talking about self-development (although that can be part of it too), but from a business sense I mean becoming more established, more developed or more successful. These types of benefits create big advantages to businesses, and this is what your listener is really hanging out to hear. The truth is they want to hear it. They want to know they have met someone who can deliver the goods that they need.


That is why it is not just a matter of making these advantages known from a marketing perspective but also make it known for the personal point of view of listener.


Many people are under the mistaken idea that marketing is one-sided. They feel that when a person is promoting their product, the benefit is weighted to the person or business that is providing that ad. But that is far from the truth.

If you were looking to buy a house and you saw an ad that showed the house of your dreams at a price that was within your price range, that would make you ecstatic. You would want to make a dash for the phone and call up the agent before anyone else did.

If you were in need of new carpets and you saw an ad for carpets that had the look and feel that you were after, you would be interested in following that link to find out if you could afford it.

Both of these cases highlight the fact that the ad is not just in the interest of the business owner but is just as much in the interest of the potential customers. No one is telling them that they should buy it or that they have any obligation to do so. The ad is presented to them as a way of saying,

“Hey, I’ve got this product. I know that you were recently in the market for this type of item so I thought you might be interested in seeing what I can offer in that same product if you were still shopping”.

All you are doing is presenting your product or service. Done right, you are not being pushy or annoying. It is true that there is an annoyance associated with marketing but that is not a good way to do it. The best way to increase sales is just to let it be known that, “I am in the business of selling finance (or whatever your business area is) and if [you] are interested, these are our products”.

I know it’s not quite that basic but if you come to the understanding that advertising is not what it used to be and that the word marketing has replaced it, you are likely to do a lot better.

Marketing is in a sense a replacement of advertising and sales. Now, rather than being ready to make a sale, you should be ready to communicate, and that is done with marketing.

The best and most productive way to get that communication ‘on the ball’ is to start with a well-crafted business message. At Zon Digital Services we call it a Transformational Message and we take it very seriously.

If you would like to get your Transformational Message working for you from the word ‘Hi’, please consider using our professional Transformational Message creator

This is a tool that takes you through the process of creating a complete and effective Transformational Message that will become a vital part of your future marketing efforts.

In the Transformational Message Creator, you will:

Get guidance on creating your message through a series of questions and answers

Learn how to craft your final message that will be your base version.

Understand how to develop that message into something that can be used to sell your products and services through simple conversations

Get examples of complete Transformational Message variations

a) At a networking event
b) In casual conversation with someone at a social gathering
c) As copy in an ad
d) In email copywriting.

These examples will give you an idea of how you would be able to adapt your message to suit the circumstances and environments that you would be likely to find yourself in.

There is also the option of sending me your final crafted message (with your adaptation examples) for review if you wish.

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