What exactly is Team-Commz?

Team Commz is the place where you can train, update & communicate with your staff … All in one place.

You didn’t decide to start your own business so that you could be busier than ever. So let’s get that sorted.

If you are in a situation where your business runs your life, your time and your energy, it’s time to make a change… and that change is Team-Commz.

See what you think (view the demo site)

simple and helpful

We have a simple dashboard, the same that anyone is used to seeing. It has a menu bar at the top, with some drop downs. It has a side-bar to highlight special areas that may be of interest to the visitor. And it has some pages that are specific to certain individuals or groups. These pages are call ‘private’ areas and may only be accessed by passwords.

Nothing about the Team Commz site contains anything that is more complicated than any regular website or social media site. This makes using it super-simple, which means that the last thing you need to worry about when you get a new staff member is training them on using the interface.

New Employee training

Simple. Just send them their welcome email with the introduction to the website and key elements that would be relative to them such as which tab would relate to their work on the main menu bar and their login details.

We have a built-in template system that allows you to train your newcomers without you even needing to be there. What’s more, if they get stuck or confused about their duties, they can easily check them on their Team Commz site page.

Get Your Time Back

Team-Commz is one of our most important products because it does something special, it gives you your time back. We understand that when you’re running your own business it can be hard to take a break from it. The main reason that this scenario is so familiar is that one person (you) has the ultimate responsibility.

So you take on the managing, the hiring, the training, the communication of updates and of course, you have your work to do too. If you really want to run your own business you cannot afford to allow it to run you into the ground.

Team-Commz gives you the opportunity to optimize your business processes so that you can spend more time on the job and less time catching up with everything else. Team-Commz allows you to upload your training information either via doc-style format with images, or through videos (or both). The whole set-up has been specifically created in a simplistic program that does not overwhelm its users even if they are not tech-savvy. 

Click Here To View Our TEAM-COMMZ Demo Site

If you would like to get your Team-Commz site set up, just contact us on our form and we will get in touch with you to organise your site.

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