A Little Background

Who are we?


Hi, I’m Eva Zonnios and I develop marketing strategies.

I help entrepreneurs create a message that clearly defines what their business is about. Then I help them use that message to reach-out to a strongly-targeted audience through a variety of channels.

By using my strategic message approach, I help people in reaching their business and lifestyle goals.

What makes me qualified to help you?

I am qualified with a masters in Sales & Marketing at Senior Management level. But hey, that’s just a formality. The real world is much more interesting.

I use strategies learned through education under the top business educators who are also leaders in their own respective areas in the online marketing space. It is through a thorough understanding of these methodologies that I will be able to create exciting and original business campaigns for you.


Frank Kern – Business and Consulting Expert

Ted McGrath – Coaching, Public Speaking and Entrepreneurial Educator

Nick Stephenson – Specialist in Amazon Book Sales

Jon Morrow – Blog Writing Expert and Founder Of Copyblogger

One of my most important products is something that I had learned in my online training with Ted McGrath, and that is the Transformational Message. You will see a lot about it on this website. So make sure to take advantage of the free session that you can get to create your own custom-designed, Transformational Message.

To get your free Transformational Message

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