Why Local Marketing Matters

Local marketing is the key ingredient of providing effective results for your business in being able to drive new business and get new potential customers entering your leads generation system. Don’t leave it to chance. Creating local marketing opportunities just takes a bit of work and strategic actions.

Marketing to your local district is a powerful way of cutting through the noise of internet marketing. It is like a laser-focused method of getting your business in front of the people that play a role in the success of your business.

So Who Are These People That Matter more than the others?

If you are a business that provides services or products to a specific region, your marketing expenses would be better used only marketing to those localities. Setting up a Facebook ad that is directed at everyone who wants to go on a holiday to the Northern Beaches of Queensland, might sound like it applies to everyone who wants that holiday. But, if your office is in Balwyn and the people that you want to register as a customer normally come into your office, there is no point in advertising further abroad than Balwyn and surrounding areas.

As much as you would like to feel that people would drive more than 30 minutes to get to your offices, it is not always a realistic way of looking at things. More often than not, there is another supplier closer to the customer who can provide those same services. Unless the customer is a personal contact, they would usually try and find someone who is more local to themselves.

Reaching That Local Audience

There are many ways of reaching your specific audience these days. Different platforms throw around the word ‘algorithms like a magic wand. But even the best algorithms do not get your customer to drive further than they need to.

The best way to reach your local audience is to put yourself in places where they will find you easily.  Online, you have multiple opportunities to do this.

Where To Get Found By Your Target Audience

It really wouldn’t be necessary to be on all of those areas listed above, Plus, not all of them would relate to your customer base.

For instance, no one is going to look for a Plumber on LinkedIn, or for a law firm on Twitter (Not that you can’t find them. You can, but not in the most regular ways).

If you want to make it easy to be found by your target audience (highly recommended), you should park yourself in the right places, let people know that you exist, and then put up some kind of flag that states clearly what you do so that even the ‘scanners’ can get hooked as they pass by you in their haste.

Many times your competition is higher in the rankings than you are, just through sheer luck. Often it just takes just a few strategic moves for you to dominate the space in your industry and overpower your competition with your online presence.

Zon Digital Services can help you with your local marketing so that you can be visible to your local audience. If you would like to find out more about how it can be effective for your business, contact us or book a Zoom call by choosing a date and time on our calendar: Click Here To Book A Call

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