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Strategic Content Marketing

Creating valuable content to attract and engage an audience is the essence of strategic content.

Site Conversion Marketing

Our goal is to boost the website's conversion rate by using strategic optimization techniques.

Speed Ranking Video Marketing

Boost your business's visibility and engagement with Speed Ranking Video Marketing services

24 hour customer email support

Our 24/7 customer support ensures assistance round the clock for any queries or concerns.

why choose us?

Green Street Wealth in Melbourne talks about how our online marketing services helped them succeed

Green Street Wealth is a financial planning service.

They assist their clients with creating a secure financial future.

Recently Green Street Wealth decided to redesign their website and engaged Zon Digital Services to create a ZDS ConversioSite.

A ZDS ConversioSite is designed differently to a traditional website in that rather than being created to present a business online, a conversiosite is designed to be informative to the prospect of how the business can help them, and focuses on encouraging the reader to take action. This could be filling in a form, booking a call or registering for a webinar etc.

Zon Digital Services has provided online marketing for the following Melbourne businesses

business profitibility

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Website Services

Our expert team specializes in affordable web design, including landing page design, webpage design, and sales funnel design for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence.

Content Marketing

Add features to your website with custom web applications, layouts and extensions. Our expert team specializes in affordable web design and custom website design.

Video Marketing

Dbuggers Website Care is a one-stop shop that provides website maintenance for WordPress. We make website maintenance easy and hassle-free, with miscellaneous price plans to meet your needs.

Media Content Markteing

Update and Upgrade your business online. Team dbuggers help you to Grow Your Company with Targeted Strategies.

In-Built DIY Software

Our powerful associations with online providers enables us to offer quality software to our clients, when working on their campaigns.

Professional Resources

Having a professional Account Manager in your corner means that you can get the best advice on how to make the most out of your leads and increase your profits.

how it works

The Easy Way To Get TONS of Qualified Traffic Flooding To Your Website


Click on the green button to book a FREE questionnaire call.

During this conversation, we will be able to identify your foundation weaknesses and provide you with a completed strategic plan that outlines the steps you need to take to get more closed sales.

After the call we provide you with a copy of the strategy. You will have the choice to move ahead yourself or have us implement the campaign for you.


We get to work

Following the plan, (if you choose to work with us) we start the process and begin implementing the strategy that has been created during the call in step 1.

You will have personal contact with your own Account Manager who will provide regular reports showing you the progress that is being achieved.

Watch our process multiply


Watch your traffic multiply as your leads funnel explodes!

You will start to see an upsurge in the number of leads that convert from the traffic coming into your site.

Your new leads will move through our automated system and be nurtured through to becoming paying customers or clients.

Does your business fail at getting online visitors to convert?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, we can help.

If any of these statements fit your scenario, book a free call with us. We will run through your current scenario and tell you what you need to do to fix it.

More About What You Get From US!

What We Do To Help You Get More Booked Calls!

Our systemised online marketing system works as a complete leads delivery machine.

Systematic Content Formula

We have a systematic way of creating your campaign.

It starts with setting up your foundation, then we move into program of generating leads so that you get highly targeted traffic, working from a place that has less competition.

Hard-Hitting Strategy

We don't have to guess (and neither do you).

We have a proven strategy that covers all bases so that you get the optimal opportunity to get more traffic, and more converting leads coming to your website.

Our Specialist Team Knows How To Deliver!

At Zon Digital Services, we know our team.

We don't try to be all things to everyone. Whilst we provide the strategy and the deliverables, when we need a specialist to step in, we're not short of top experts in the game.

We have a high standard to uphold as an award-winning marketing agency, so we make sure that everyone who works on your campaign has the same idea about quality of service.

I've Been There Too!

That may sound strange. After all, we provide online marketing solutions for growing businesses, both large and small.
eva zonnios with awards
Eva Zonnios CEO Zon Digital Services

I have spent many hours at the computer, trying to work out why my website visitors are not taking that vital next step.

Over the years, I have purchased countless courses and spent hundreds of hours studying the nuances that drive website visitors in wanting to take action and move forward towards becoming a paying customer.

Finally, I came across a refreshingly new angle.

It answered all of my questions and gave me a way to get real results for my clients.

What it all boiled down to was not so my much WHAT was on the website, but more, HOW to present that information in a clear and succinct way to the visiting audience.

This change ended up in being the catalyst that turned my business around. Aside from my own business, this new adaptation to my process started bringing in more qualified prospects through the pipeline for my clients.

Using automation, and our powerful media contacts, we were able to predictably move more visitors through from leads to paying customers.

Are we a good fit?... You decide.

Here's what you get from Zon Digital Services

  • A repeatable, proven method so that there is no guesswork.
  • Automation built into your campaign.
  • 10+ years of experience in online marketing.
  • Genuine advice to help you progress in your business.
  • Access to add-on services like video, content and coaching.
  • Access to our Customer Service Manager.
  • Australia-wide company.
  • Media connections

Here's what you could end up with from Other Service Providers

  • Unproven methods that do not necessarily yield results
  • Websites created with no real strategic process
  • You might find you are dealing with an overseas service that you cannot follow up with.
  • Large companies that feel impersonal and charge over-inflated fees.
  • They could be independents with no support team.
  • They may be inexperienced or lack the tools.
  • No access to customer service manager
  • No Media Connections

What our customers say about us

Michelle Marett Remodelling Designer
Read More
I am so glad I found Eva, she has set up my website, made over my Facebook page and within a couple of days I could see the increased traffic.
Dameon RunnelsLive1Media
Read More
Zon Digital Services is a great marketing agency. Eva is very knowledgable in marketing and SEO. I would recommend this business to anyone looking to grow their online presence and get more customers.
Hall ReadSoftware Designer
Read More
I had the pleasure of working with Eva. I'm so impressed by her professionalism and timely responses. She also gave me good tips about what my profile pictures should like and I'd definitely work with her again!

Are you ready to start a new project?

Get a free quote from one of our consultants to discuss which option would work best for your needs


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Freequently Asked Questions

Marketing is not an expense if it is done correctly. On the contrary, it increases the amount of revenue that your business has as opposed to spending it on something that depreciates in value.
The sooner you begin on your marketing, the sooner you can start increasing your income. We are easy to communicate with and we can work out payment options that suit your needs.
We use a very specific, repeatable method. There is no guest work involved. When you fill in your questionnaire we transfer that information to your website using formulas and pre-designed methods so that we can provide a consistent result for our client.
Once your website is set up we can track incoming traffic and leads. From that information we are able to assess your results. Although having no conversions would be very unexpected, if this happened to be the case, we would refund the cost of the site creation. But please remember that this can only be ascertained after the close of 3 months. *Expenses incurred from automation tools would not be refundable, as they are provided by a third party.
We launch your website and the automation tools associated with it (if in your package), so that everything is all set up and ready to go. You will be shown how to take control of your new lead generating tools.


Increase Sign-Ups On Your Website! QUICK & EASY

Having a website alone will not create conversions.
It’s WHAT you say and HOW you say it that makes the difference!

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